We launched our new website today! I love that this site has a blog within it so I don't have to juggle different things.

I'm typing while Chad is bottling a session beer. He made it from (mostly) the same grains as the pumpkin ale. A session beer always has less alcohol content, so they are known for being able to throw them back with ease. Our friend, Elise, helped us out with a great LCB name: Afternoon Delight!

We are just getting back on schedule from our trip to Denver, Colorado for the Great American Beer Fest! This was my third time and Chad's fourth time to attend. We love going to Denver and walking around downtown. It makes us jealous because Dallas does not have a great downtown scene. We visited our usual places such as Great Divide, Falling Rock, and Blake Street Tavern as well as our favorite restaurants Biker Jim's (both cart and brick and mortar), Marco's Pizza, and Snooze.

Coming back from Denver makes us want to open our brewery even sooner. Hopefully all of our plans will come to fruition in the near future! We'll be sure to keep everyone up to date on Last Call Brewing!

Good Beer! Good Times!
Allan Hauser
10/18/2012 12:06:49 pm

Awesome! Good luck with the brewery! How do I buy samples?

1/8/2015 07:14:46 pm

This new product gives a light drink with a right choice for the people and market is going to be fruitful from this.


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